Writing: Semi-Pantsing My Novel

I am between science/research books right now, but should be back on track next week, so this week I’m going to do a few posts on writing.

Like I mentioned last week, I feel like this book is going along really well. It’s going fairly quickly, considering the limited time I have on it. I always look forward to work on it (probably because that time is limited). My writing time is one of the bright spots of my day.

A while back I mentioned that I was kind of “pantsing” this book. That is not true anymore, but it’s not as thoroughly plotted as my last one. I have an outline of the third of the book I’m currently in, and when I finish that (soon) I’ll make a second outline for the next section. Before I start a new scene I sketch out what I’d like to happen. But I’m not going into a ton of detail ahead of time. I’m leaving a lot to figure out as I’m doing the writing. I like that I can discover things as I’m writing the story, but I also like to know where I’m going.

I do think editing will take more work than my last book. I know it’s going to be a lot longer than most of my past books, and I know that a lot will need to be tightened up. I’ve been taking a lot of time and space to explain things that I’m not sure need explaining, but I’m enjoying doing the explaining, so I’m just going with it (does that make any sense?). I have no idea if the way I started the book is the right way, and I don’t know if there’s enough of a plot through the first third of the book.

So yes, I forsee a lot of editing in my future, which I will most likely not look forward to as much as the writing I’m doing now. But that’s later. Now is the time for fun, right?


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