War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 311-324

Wow, I’m really getting through this book! Of course it is December now and I started last January, but still, it’s nice to have kept this up.

So finally something interesting has happened. We got back to some characters–not major ones, but at least ones I’m interested in: Denisov and Dolokhov. Denisov is leading a squad in attack against fleeing French, and Dolokhov seems to be doing whatever the hell he wants. Denisov is now my favorite living character, even though he is minor. That lisp is so endearing, and he seems like a good guy. Dolokhov is the same scoundrel as ever, but since they are at war, that is a useful trait.

Oh, and of pretty big importance, Petya runs in and wants to be a part of everything. Densiov tries to keep him safe and out of the way, but  Petya can’t be held back. When Dolokhov shows up and plans to disguise himself as a French solider to spy, Petya insists on going with him. They see the French camp and all the prisoners, then head back.

Then the Russians attack, and Petya runs ahead and gets shot and killed. But on the bright side, Pierre is rescued.

After that we take a confusing detour to Pierre’s point of view, which backtracks us to their march as prisoners, which is miserable. The section ends as we see Dolokhov charging in to free them. It is probably not that great for Pierre that he’s in charge, though at least Denisov is there to hopefully keep things under control.

I’m so glad things picked back up. Hopefully it will all be moving from here to the end. Only about 41 chapters to go!


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