Physics of the Future: Aliens

What I’ve learned from reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku:

This was probably my favorite part of the book:

“it is safe to say that within this century it would be strange if we did not detect signals from another civilization in space.”

That’s right. There are aliens and they are trying to contact us–or at least they’re shooting signals out like we are, hoping to make contact with something.

But there won’t be an invasion–probably. Any aliens would be hundreds of years away to visit, so we’d have tons of time to prepare and observe them with our increasingly powerful telescopes.

And knowing about aliens might just be the kick we need to invest more in exploring space. If it’s become boring to compete against ourselves, now we’ll have a whole new civilization to compete against. Who will visit whom first?

Another interesting fact: if there is another alien race that is more advanced and has come up with some self-replicating nanobots, there is a chance that those bots have been spreading across the galaxy and may even be among us and we don’t even know it! They could be sending information about us back to their home planet. Creepy. But cool. And this also would make a great story.



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