Physics of the Future: How to Classify a Civilization

What I’ve learned from reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku:

One way civilizations can be classified is to base them on the amount of energy they produce and use.

  1. Using all the energy that reaches the planet
  2. Using all the energy of a star
  3. Using all the energy of a galaxy

Since we only know of one civilization at the moment, our own, where do you thing we lie?

So, number three is just crazy. Kaku said this would be a Star Wars type civilization, going faster than light speed and colonizing all kinds of planets. Number two would be using the whole solar system as a playground–we could go anywhere we want there. So that puts us at number 1…or does it?


We don’t make use of all of our energy. Apparently we are a .7 . You’d think they would have had more stages, so we could at least be on the chart. But cheer up. We could make it to a 1 by the end of this century. We’d just have to become a world based civilization instead of one made of many nations.



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