War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 304-310

I used to like the war sections of this book, but now it’s just dragging on. I guess that’s a little like real war. Most people are all excited to get into it and the soldiers all want to see some action, but after a while it just gets old and we just want our soldiers to come home. In this book, though, I don’t care if the soldiers come home or not. I would just like to hear about some characters, soldiers or otherwise, that I’ve been following for the first 300 chapters. This book has a ton of characters. How hard is it to tell a story about one of them?

The only regulars who even make an appearance in this section are Denisov and Dolokhov, who are leading their individual battalions to attack the retreating French. The French, like me, have had enough of this war and are trying to high-tail it home. The Russians are excited about their victory, and instead of letting them just run, they are taking down as many as they can on the way, even though it means more fighting and dying on their part as well.

The only good I see that could come of this is that Denisov might save Pierre, who, as a prisoner, is being hauled along with these retreating French. If Dolokhov finds him, though, he may take the opportunity to kill him to get back at him for that duel. But maybe I’m just adding in drama to make it more interesting for myself.

Please, please, please let these next chapters be about some of the book’s actual characters! (Oh, and I may not get a post up on Saturday because I am taking the holiday break off from all work, but I will do the reading and if I get time may schedule a post, so you’ll just have to wait and see.)


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