Physics of the Future: Having Everything We Ever Wanted

What I’ve learned from reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku:

For this segment we are talking about building something on the atomic level. Someday there could be a machine that could make literally whatever you type into it out of nothing–just atoms stuck all together in the material of your choosing. People could have anything they wanted for free. If this kind of technology were available to everyone on the planet it would completely change the world.

But for the better or for the worse?

Put your sci-fi thinking caps on for this one. Here are some scenarios:

  • No one would need to work to earn what they wanted–But there would still be work that needed doing (unless we had robots to do it all)
  • People who have it all tend to get bored with everything. What kind of new challenges would there be for us?
  • But think of all I would have time to read and all the places I could go!

I know, I tend to look for the easy way out a lot of the time, but I like a good challenge too, and I like to stay busy (with things I enjoy, preferably). Creative-types would keep creating, and a lot of people would still work because they like to. Maybe we would be happier–or maybe civilization would completely fall apart…



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