Physics of the Future: When Bad Habits Aren’t Bad

What I’ve learned from reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku:

Some day we will be able to use tissue engineering to grow organs from our own cells. That way, if one goes bad, we will easily be able to replace it–and in time it will even be cheap. Kaku raised an interesting question from this which I will paraphrase: If you can easily get new organs, what’s to prevent the people to strike up all kinds of bad habits that tend to ruin those organs? (you know, drinking, smoking, etc)

And I don’t think there’d be anything to prevent them, and I think we would all be a little more bad.

But what if we could someday make it so what we consider vices aren’t at all dangerous? What if there was a pill you could take to make you sober before you drove? What if there were no more STDs or chances for unwanted pregnancies. Would it really be so terrible to go out and drink or fool around? I’m just wondering, as writers tend to do.

If there are no bad consequences then is the act really “bad”? And, as a side note, would be as interested in doing them if they weren’t being naughty anymore? Or would the fact that doing them is so pleasurable still be guilt-inducing enough to keep them on the “vice” side?

Those are the kinds of questions where ideas come from. Maybe you’ll see this pop up in one of my stories sometime. Or maybe I’ll see it in yours!

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