War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 284-289

So you all are going to laugh at me. I was explaining to a friend why War and Peace is actually a pretty good book–that really just the length is the issue, and she asked me what war it was that’s going on. And I had no idea…

I Googled it. All I’ve come up with is “The French invasion of Russia” and what I will call, the alternate War of 1812.

I really only care to do enough research to get by. Yet I like learning things. But I only have time to learn what is most important, and war history is not one of them.

Anyway, we start with Pierre witnessing some executions. He thinks he is going to be next, but they only intend him to watch to get a lesson. Then he is sent off.

And the big part. The part I couldn’t believe.

Andrew really dies. For real. Unless this is like a soap opera where no one ever is really dead, which it kind of is in some ways, but I don’t think in this way. I till have almost 100 chapters to go, and Andrew won’t be in any of them. He was really the most interesting character. I like some of the others, but without him I have no idea what this book will even be about.

Unless this is the beginning of the winding down of the book. Over the next 76 chapters the characters will begin to wrap up their stories one by one, until every last loose end is tied up for every major and minor character? I guess we’ll just have to see.

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