War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 277-283

Okay, we’ve hopped back to one of the more interesting characters: Nicholas Rostov. And when I say “interesting” I mean that his character is still actively doing things–building his life, changing, growing, etc. Nick is still growing up and maturing, as I predicted. Instead of being excited to fight in the battle of Borodino, he is glad to be sent on a horse purchasing mission to avoid fighting. He goes to this town, has a nice relaxing time flirting with all the women, married and unmarried, until he is told that Mary is there.

He meets with Mary a couple times and is pressured into getting engaged. He wants to get engaged but doesn’t feel free to break his promise with Sonya, so instead of praying for candy to fall from the sky like when he was a kid, he uses his prayers for more useful ends and prays that Sonya will release him from his promise. Then like magic he gets a letter from her saying just that. There! Now his life will be great.

Except Sonya really doesn’t want to release him. His mom has been pressuring her to do it because Mom wants him to marry the rich girl, not the poor girl. The only reason Sonya writes the letter is because she sees that Natasha and Andrew are falling back in love, and if they get married then it will apparently be illegal for the now-legal siblings Sonya and Nicholas to get married. That rule doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but whatever. I can see this backfiring on her. I can see Mom rushing Nick’s wedding, which she heartily approves of, to come before anything can happen between Sonya and Andrew, who she never approved of. But we’ll just have to see.
And that wasn’t all–then we see Pierre on trial of sorts for beating up some soldiers that were beating up a woman and trying to take her things. Pierre really has no idea what’s happening. Nothing he says to anyone is getting him out of trouble, and by the end he’s pretty sure he’s going to be executed. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week!

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