Physics of the Future: Bad Robots

What I’ve learned from reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku:

Last time I talked about how robots could help us, but robots have always been (in science fiction) made out to be bad things–androids that want to kill all the human or use them for fuel. This scientist Kurzweil has written some books about “singularity” and how robots will eventually take over the world.

The singularity theory is that we will keep creating computers that are more and more powerful (according to Moore’s Law). Eventually we will make a computer that is smarter than us–then it will start creating computers that are exponentially smarter and more powerful, which in turn make more that are even more smarter and powerful until the computers use up all our resources to be as smart and powerful as possible and begin to expand into space, still growing more powerful exponentially until they expand to conquer the whole universe.

This was my understanding of what I read at least.

What happens to the humans along the way is just a guess, but according to this theory, you can assume we don’t fare well.

Yet it still got me excited with its talk of making an intelligent universe. Another story idea completely unrelated to mine–if you use it before me I won’t be mad 🙂

There are opposing views to this theory, of course. Starting with the fact that it’s looking like it will take at least a century to make a computer as powerful as the human brain in the first place because just trying to decode a mouse’s brain or even a fruit fly’s brain takes rooms and rooms and even buildings full of data that we don’t even know what to do with yet.

But someday maybe we’ll be able to, when that exponential growth catches up to what we want to do–and then we’ll just have to see what those ultra computers can do.


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