Physics of the Future: Micro Machines

What I’ve learned from reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku

Right now no one has been able to design a robot that has even as much intelligence as an insect, but eventually we will have robots/androids that will be smarter and smarter–and possibly smaller and smaller, which we can use for all kinds of things.

Tiny robots could go in pipes and other small/dangerous places to make repairs or assess damage

They could go into a disaster scene to find victims/survivors

They could be the new surgeons to operate on us without being invasive

They could even be put inside us to detect defects and possibly even fix them…allowing us to live forever!
(There is actually a real scientist guy who believes this)

I’ve seen an episode of Eureka about nanobots that took a more negative view of them, but I think I see a role for some nanobots in the future of my book.

A lot of this research will help my setting more than anything else, and I definitely don’t want to get too heavy with it, but I see some potential for some plot items. I also see some potential for future book ideas.


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