War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 269-76

Okay, things are kind of picking up again. Natasha knows about Andrew–Sonya told her, and she goes to see him. Then we finally catch up with what had happened to Andrew since his injury. The doctor has little hope for him. He’s been having all kinds of feverish dreams, from utopic lovey dreams to pain-filled ones. Then when he sees Natasha he loves her again, and not just because she’s cute like last time, according to him, Mr. dying and fevered.

Then back to Pierre, who is still determined to try to kill Napoleon, but when he goes out into the city he discovers that it’s on fire. He saves a girl, sort of, but before he can find her parents, he stops some looters from attacking a woman and is arrested.

Then we jump to one of those Anna Pavlovna parties and catch up on all the gossip. Helene has died–killed herself. According to this section it is because Pierre never answered her letter about the separation/divorce/remarriage. I don’t miss her, but now Andrew could have some competition for Natalie.

I have a note here about the Emperor, but I don’t really remember what he did/said. It was at the end of the section, so I will probably pick up here next week. And that’s it for now. The final stretch is coming, right?


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