Physics of the Future: Computer Chips

I am now reading Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku, which was published in 2011, so it should have pretty up-to-date information. Kaku sets his book up in sections where he picks a form of technology (like computers) and then uses his research to predict what this technology will be like in the next 10 years, mid-century, and in 100 years.

His first section was on computers, and he talked about Moore’s law, which states that computer technology increases exponentially every 18 months or so. Some of his examples, which I found fascinating, are that the chips in our birthday cards that play music have more power than any of the Allies/Axis in WW2–so basically if I took my birthday card into the past both sides would want to kill me for it.

Another example is that our cell phones now have more computer power than all of NASA did in 1969 when it sent astronauts to the moon. So seriously, why aren’t we on Mars yet? Why can’t my next vacation be to space!

Back to topic…

Kaku predicts that computer chips will become so easy to make they will only cost like 1 cent, so they will be in everything. Our clothes, walls, houses, cars–everything we come in contact with will be “smart” and we will be able to interact with them access the internet, and who knows what else.

They could even put chips in our brains so we can use mind control and telekinesis. I guess it’s theoretically possible. Kaku makes it sound possible.

I had actually planned to use computer chips in my sci-fi book, and I think after reading this I may have to make more use of them.

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