Exploring Space: Philosophical Reflections (of Sorts)

Here’s what I’ve been learning from the National Geographic: Exploring Space issue:

Well, I’ve finished the magazine, and I have to say it was a very valuable piece of research. I think for something like this, where information changes so quickly and new knowledge is gained all the time, magazines and journals are the best places to go for the latest research.

I want to know what they discover about this Higgs boson force field that is theoretically the force that holds everything’s atoms together to make something with mass, like a person or a tree, instead of having all the zillions of atoms just zinging around free and crazy.

I also would be interested to know if they make any progress on dark matter, which I believe is what space is supposed to be made of. Is space really nothing? Or is it some sort of matter all its own.

This is my favorite quote from the article “Looking Deeper” by Jon Jenkins: “It is possible that what we consider to be the laws of physics are merely rough approximations of a deeper set of laws still beyond our ken.” As a writer who loves to make stuff up, I love the idea that these so-called set-in-stone laws could some day be shown as false. That what we think is reality may not be the truth at all, and that all of our scientific breakthrough may someday look as wrong as what passed for medicine in the middle ages.

This magazine gave me a lot of new information and left me feeling good about progress in general and my abilities to possibly incorporate some of it in a book. I hope I can find more research like this!


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