Exploring Space: Moons and Strange Planets

Here’s what I’ve been learning from the National Geographic: Exploring Space issue:

I’ve learned some pretty interesting facts about some pretty interesting places in space. I think I’ll just put them in a list.

  • On Saturn there are huge auroras at its south pole–“Southern Lights”
  • Saturn’s rings are only 30 feet thick and rotate in waves that get up to 2 miles high
  • Two moons in our solar system are known to have water: Jupiter’s Europa and Saturn’s Enceladus
  • In another solar system there’s a gas giant that has a really crazy orbit that actually touches its sun at one end of the ellipse

Little tidbits like this are as fun as an in-depth article. Scattering facts in a story make it more interesting and give some realistic depth–like how Kim Stanley Robinson had people surf on Saturn’s rings in her book 2312). Maybe I will use some of these facts too.



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