War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 255-261

This was kind of a weird and disjointed section, and it didn’t hold my interest as much as some of the last ones had. But here goes.

The Rostovs are leaving town in their cart caravan, and the family is trying to hide from Natasha the fact that Andrew is among them and probably dying. Then they see Pierre dressed as a peasant. We flip to Pierre, who is helping a friend with some books and suddenly decides to dress like a peasant and procure a gun. Is he going out to fight like a common person? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Then it shows us Napoleon in Moscow and compares abandoned Moscow to a beehive without a queen. In a long, long, metaphor. And a graphic one. It was well described but overdone. Like Tolstoy was maybe trying to show off his knowledge of beekeeping.

Then we see someone who is a poor Rostov kinsman, but that doesn’t seem that important, at least at the moment.

Then we see a bunch of the people left behind turn into an angry mob, but I didn’t care about any of them and just wanted to get through the chapter to something more interesting.

And that was it. Hopefully next week we will be more on track for the actual story. Hopefully.


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