Exploring Space: Telescopes

Here’s what I’ve been learning from the National Geographic: Exploring Space issue:

There are some pretty amazing telescopes out there. There’s one that apparently can see so far that the light from that area of the universe is just reaching us from the universe’s creation 13.75 billion years ago. There’s also one they want to make that will specifically look for planets that could possibly be supporting life like Earth. I have no idea how they make such things, and  I love looking at the pictures they send. (The little boy I was trying to put asleep one day while reading the magazine loved the pictures too, and I had to put the magazine down for a little bit so he’d close his eyes and go to sleep!)

My dad got a telescope when I was little, but aside from looking through it a few times I never got that excited about it. Honestly, though I love learning about space and reading about space, and I’d love to go to space, staring at space doesn’t appeal to me as much. I guess I’d rather imagine what it would be like to actually be up there–making up a world in my own head rather than looking at what’s really there. I’d like to imagine beyond the pictures to what the pictures could mean (even if that meaning is pretty much a fantasy in my head).


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