War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 248-254

We see what’s going on in Moscow now that the battle of Borodino is over. It’s not going too well, though some characters are in a bit of denial (triggered, I’m sure by all the mixed messages going around)–the Rostovs in particular are having trouble getting things together, as usual. I think the Rostovs could be a sitcom family. They are quite characters, and none of them are very “serious” characters in the way Andrew tends to be.

Petya is on leave and is playing around with Natasha instead of helping out or spending time with his mother, who spends her time feeling sorry for herself and feeling neglected by her children. The only one helping to actually do something is Sonya, who’s not even really related to them. And she’s depressed about news that Nick has taken up with Mary, yet she’s still helping.

They finally decide to leave, and on packing day they decide to let wounded soldiers use their house when they’re gone. Then Andrew turns up. I knew he wasn’t dead. But we don’t hear any more from him for now.

Natasha finally pitches in with the packing, and they get done and are ready to load the carts when the soldiers ask if they can spare some room for them because they don’t want to be left behind in Moscow either. The Rostovs have wonderful hearts and pretty much leave all of their stuff behind to help all of the soldiers. They’re probably in big, big financial trouble now, but they really didn’t need all of that crap, and hopefully their good deed will be well rewarded.


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