Exploring Space: Space Dangers

From the National Geographic: Exploring Space

One thing I have been curious about are how space affects the bodies of people who spend a lot of time there. I have a small list, thanks to my research, and it is:

  • radiation
  • bone loss
  • faster aging

So how will we combat these issues. Obviously we need to wear suitable protection or be inside something built to protect us, whether that be spacecraft or space station or whatever. I know astronauts need to be in good shape to go up and to exercise. Muscles have to atrophy pretty quickly when they’re in less gravity–so either gravity needs to be produced or there needs to be a way to work those muscles.

And could a pill of some sort protect against the bone loss and aging? I’d planned on making one up. What kind of side-effects do you think a pill like that would have? I’m also going to require my characters to build up to their space exposure as the pill builds up in their system. They’ll have to return to Earth regularly, and they probably won’t like it. I wouldn’t.



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