Lazy Researcher: Exploring Space–New Planet?

So I’m reading along in my expensive but beautiful Exploring Space from National Geographic, going through this extensive timeline of space history, when I come across this entry: “1801: Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt, is discovered. It is now designated a dwarf planet.”

How have I never heard of this place? I suppose I may have heard of it, I guess, in the way that I’ve heard about the names and amounts of the different moons around all the planets and don’t remember any of them but Titan, and even then can’t remember which planet it goes around.

And how many other dwarf planets are there in our solar system? I guess Pluto is one now. I guess this is something I should look up. Which makes me think I should make a list of further research to do. Okay, that’s started. And now I feel tired. I told you I’m a lazy researcher.


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