Something New: Lazy Reseacher/Exploring Space

So a while back I hinted that I had something new in the works. For a while I’ve been thinking of reading more nonfiction along with the classics. I tend to be a lazy researcher. I get bored reading a lot of nonfiction, so when I have problems come up in plot that require research I look it up as quickly as possible (thank you, Google), work it in as I can, and move on. I do not undertake projects of checking out every book in the library on the subject so that I know every aspect and detail of a certain topic I might possibly need. I’d never get any actual writing done for one thing.

It has been a potential problem. My current book I’m submitting has a lot to do with the justice system, which I only know about from TV shows and a few books. I did some research, got bored, and then looked stuff up as it came up. I know that my story is not completely realistic–and that specifically has gotten me a rejection. Aside from having a few lawyers go through it with a red pen, I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. I’m also not sure I want to have it completely accurate because it’s fiction, and I want it to be dramatic. So I am considering the lawyer thing but also continuing to submit it.

Anyway, my current work in progress (barely in progress) is space science fiction, and though it does swing toward the fantasy side, I still want it to have some sciencey basis. I’m a (preschool) science teacher after all, and I really enjoy space sci-fi that has some clear science behind them (as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the plot). Work by Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game and Pathfinder–OMG, just discovered that #2, Ruins, is coming out 10/30!) is an especial favorite, and right now I’m reading 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson, which I find to be completely fascinating, but which also never fails to put me to sleep as I’m reading it. Strange, I know.

Wow, lots of rambling…sorry.

So I’m going to make a real effort to understand more space-type stuff and hopefully be able to reflect that in my next work. So welcome to the new segment: Lazy Researcher!

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