Reds vs. Astros 9/8/12

It’s not been long since I’ve been to a game, but it has been a while since I’ve filled out a scorecard. A lot of games lately I either got there a little late or moved around a lot or was tired and ended up leaving early. Last time I swore I’d do a scorecard because I’d missed it, so we got there early, and while Andrea caught her ball at batting practice (she really did get one!) I sat in the seats (in a safer place) and happily filled out the scorecard and got ready for the game. It was a really fun game, even though we didn’t win ice cream and pizza (for 11 strikeouts–we only had 7) we still won.

It seems, though, that all the games I go to last super long. Arroyo and our guys did a great job though. This season has been so exciting! And I’m splitting playoff/world series tickets! Let’s go Reds!


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