War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 228-234

So, Napoleon had a cold, and because of that the whole French army lost the battle of Borodino.

According to Tolstoy, that’s what historians say is the reason. He is doubtful, since he wasn’t any more effective or ineffective in past heat-of-the-battle command situations. In the past, though, the battles went his way, but this time it went his enemy’s way. (This is not my analysis, I remind you, as I have no idea about war history and strategy. I’m just going with what Tolstoy says.)

After Napoleon and war analyzing we take a break and go to someone who doesn’t make you think much: Pierre. He’s at Borodino and all ready to watch the fighting. In no way is he ready to actually fight. As everyone else gets into the battle, he rides around looking at everyone with awe and joy. Yes, he’s really enjoying himself as everyone else fights and dies around him. He trots out to the front with bullets whizzing by. People drop around him and he doesn’t notice. He doesn’t even notice when his horse is wounded right under him.

Then he finds a nice hill to sit on near a group of soldiers who fight around him and call him the “gentleman.” He enjoys their company until finally he begins to notice them fighting and dying and bleeding all over the place. That’s when reality finally sinks in and he realizes what a horror the war is.

Then we jump back to Napoleon, who finds everything crumbling around him. He has to face the fact that he’s going to lose this battle for the first time.

And that’s it. I’m thinking of branching out in a new direction, a little more toward my writing pursuits, but I’m still going to keep up on my War and Peace posts too! I’ll let you know soon.


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