Not War and Peace Saturday…Just Saturday

Every since my vacation it has been a challenge to do anything with any regularity. The good thing about the regular school year starting on Monday is that I will be back on a schedule. Hopefully I can get back into a routine of exercise/eating healthy/reading/writing. I plan to start slowly.

I do plan, though, on catching up on my War and Peace reading asap. I’ll be in a nap room again this year all 5 days except when we have a staff meeting, and that is the best time for me to do that kind of reading, as long as there are no children giving me issues. But I think I might just read aloud to them if they do. Good for their brains–and it might just put them to sleep. I can practice my monotone voice.

In writing news…

I hope to use my lunches productively again and start writing my current new book idea (whether it’s ready or not, I guess, since otherwise I use my lunch to play Sudoku on my phone). And I registered for a writing conference at the end of September where I can pitch my book that’s in submission to agents. I’ve never done that before. I’m a little nervous and excited, but also not because I’m really confident in this book, and I have a pretty clear picture of what it’s about, so I don’t have a problem talking it up. I’ll still have to practice though.

So, Monday–new routine, back on track. Summer’s over, figuratively, at least. Back to work!


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