Sherlock Holmes: “The Reigate Puzzle”

Summary: Sherlock is recovering from a very stressful case (that I wish I’d gotten to read about instead), so he goes to the country to relax. There, he hears of a series of break-ins that result in a murder. Sherlock is convinced to help, and solves the mystery by faking symptoms of his illness to prove his deductions. The “victims” of the second burglary had committed the first one to get some papers that would get them out of debt and then pretended to rob their own place to put them out of suspicion. They had been seen, though, and had to kill the witness. They almost kill Sherlock, but Watson and the police save him.

Sherlock Rating: Somewhat exciting. It was a good read while standing in line at Disney World, but there was nothing remarkable about it.

Mystery Story Convention: The victim as the criminal. Who would we least suspect to be the bad guy? The victim. Except this has happened so much in stories that I always suspect the victim now.


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