War and Peace (Tuesday) Chapters 162-168

So, as I’d warned a few posts back, my summer schedule is a bit wonky, and I didn’t get the chance to read at all last week, but I caught up for last week today.

So, things were looking bad for little Natasha. She was planning to run away with a married man and ruin her life. But her friend Sonya found out and told on her, and the plot was foiled. Natasha crumpled for a while and even tried to kill herself. Pierre was called in to help out, since he is a friend of both the Rostovs and the Bolkonskis.

Natasha was really bad off at first, and frankly, her behavior with this Anatole jerk made me like her less again. I keep going back and forth on her. Sometimes she seems really smart and intuitive and sometimes she’s just an idiot. As a little time passed and she learned that Anatole was already married, she recovered and started acting more mature.

And we saw Andrew’s side as well. I think he was really hurt by it, but he acted really haughty and even cruel. I think underneath he’s really hurting and is covering it up with talk of politics and such. At least that’s the idea I get from him by the way he refuses to even talk about it anymore. He reminds me of the character Kaiba from the cartoon show Yu-Gi-Oh I love. That’s probably why I like Andrew.

Anyway things in this plot circle have been patched up and seem to have circled back to the way they used to be–just in time for the story to move on to a new section/period of history. A new war is starting, and though the last chapter of this section deals with that, I’ll save it for next time, which I promise will actually be this Saturday.


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