Sherlock Holmes: “The Musgrave Ritual”

Summary: Sherlock reflects back on his third case, helping a rich acquaintance from college figure out what happened to his butler and maid. The man’s family had a ritual that had been passed down through the generations, but the man had no idea what it meant. He found his butler going through his things and fired him. The butler had been trying to crack the code of the ritual to find some hidden treasure. Sherlock followed in his footsteps, and they found the butler dead locked in a cellar. The maid had killed him and tried to run off with the treasure but found it unsatisfactory or something and had thrown it in the pond. The treasure turned out to be King Charles I’s crown.

Reaction: Character revealed: Sherlock is a slob! Fun quote: “I felt strongly that neither the atmosphere nor the appearance of our room was improved by it.” Watson is speaking about the pattern of bullet holes Sherlock had shot into the walls.

Sherlock Rating: Sherlock Arabian Nights/Life in my apartment. This story starts when Watson is trying to get Sherlock to clean up a little and file his papers away from his last hundred cases that have been lying around everywhere. Sherlock convinces Watson that it would be much more interesting to get out an old file from his case box out, kind of like¬†Scheherazade stalling the king in Arabian Nights. It also kind of reminds me of how my apartment gets sometime (though it looks nice right now)–I am more Watson than Sherlock, though.

Mystery Story Convention: Hidden treasure. Great mysteries always have a hidden treasure to uncover.

One thought on “Sherlock Holmes: “The Musgrave Ritual”

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