War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 148-154

As usual, I’m pretty busy today, so I’m predicting that this post will be short, but this reading section seemed pretty short as well. It was better than last week’s, at least.

First, Old Bolkonski is definitely going crazy. He’s announced that he’s kicking Mary out of the house, though in these chapters she hasn’t actually gone anywhere. This could be the opportunity she’s been waiting for to go on that pilgrimage!

There’s Boris the gold-digger, who’s bagged his heiress, Mary’s friend Julie.

The best part was when we switched back to the Rostovs, who have traveled to Moscow. This section stopped right in the middle of an opera scene where Natasha is being charmed by the wicked trio of Dolokhov, Helene, and Anatole. I love the contrast of the incredibly naive vs. wolf-like experience. It’s some of the best tension we’ve seen so far! I’m excited to read this again!


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