Pantsing It: Day Something…

First, as warned, I’ve not had time to get my posts up this week. I didn’t even read any Sherlock. But at least I finished my War and Peace reading today.

Plus I submitted my current WIP to an agent this week, and next week I’ll try another one.

Along the lines of my new work, which I’d started by using a seat-of-the pants strategy, I may already be straying from it. I have an outline (actually a couple different ones) in my notebooks. Pantsing it hadn’t become so fun anymore and I was stalled out with no idea what I’d do next, except I knew what I needed to figure out, and for me, figuring it out involved making some outlines. Hopefully this will help me get further into the book while having fun with it. I’ll still try to keep up a mix of pantsing and outlining just to stay on my toes and interested.

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