War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 141-147

Today I am having fun at Cedar Point! Yay!

Anyway, we are still with the Rostovs for a while. At first all is well. Some mummers come by and everyone cross-dresses, go out to show off to the neighbors, and then Nicholas falls in love with Sonya more than ever because he gets to kiss her when she has a mustache drawn on…

There’s been some weird cross-dressing type stuff going on here lately. There’s this other “buffoon,” an old guy who goes around in a dress all the time. I’m definitely not opposed to it, because it makes things much more interesting and at least entertaining, but I’m not sure how I’m meant to take it besides as strange. I’ll just go with the flow as normal, though.

Then the Rostovs have to face reality again. Their money trouble is not going away, and they have to sell their Moscow house. Nicholas is almost disowned by his mother, but for Natasha’s interference–because mom wants him to marry someone with money and not penniless Sonya.

Then we go back to Pierre, who alternates from easygoing idle society man and leader of his area Freemasons to heavy drinking womanizer. He can’t handle being idle, but that’s all he seems to know how to do.

Then we go check in on Old Bolkonski, who is going senile and is more awful than ever and beats his daughter and makes her life hell and wants to marry that French chick who hangs out/serves Mary and who had earlier broken up Mary’s match with some jerk.

And that’s all for today. Think of me today, riding all the coasters over and over!


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