Sherlock Holmes: “The Stock Broker’s Clerk”

Summary: Sherlock picks up Watson and they go investigate a man’s new job, which seems suspicious. Upon arriving, they meet his boss, who is very distressed. They end up stopping the boss from hanging himself, and find out that the job had been to keep the man (employee) busy while someone else used his identity to try to rob a financial institution. The police had captured the other guy that day as he tried to get away.

Reaction: So it seems Sherlock has a high and strident voice. That is not at all what the totally awesome BBC Sherlock sounds like, and I’m glad of that. I don’t think Great Mouse Detective Sherlock sounded like that either.

Sherlock Rating: Eh. It was a good puzzle, but the real action was all done by the police, and Sherlock barely needed to figure anything out–basically only that something funny was going on and that the guy was in the process of hanging himself.

Mystery Story Convention: 2 things today. First, yet another story showing that easy money is never easy and is definitely a sign of something no-good going on. Also, we have an early case of identity theft. See, it even happened before credit cards and all that.


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