Sherlock Holmes: “The Yellow Face”

Summary: Sherlock is asked to help a man who has discovered that his wife has a strange secret. His wife has been sneaking off to the neighbor’s house. Sherlock believes that the wife had fled a husband in the States and now she’s being blackmailed about it. When they go to the mysterious house to investigate they discover that this is not the case. The wife had been hiding the fact that her child from that former marriage was still alive, but she was hiding her because she didn’t think her husband would accept that her daughter is black. She was wrong, as was Sherlock.

Reaction: Watson seemed to include this one because of the fact that Sherlock was wrong for once. He even asked Watson to bring this case up any time he seemed too cocky in his skills, so he was obviously embarrassed by his mistake. I know that Sir Arthur didn’t really care for Sherlock, so maybe this was an attempt to show some of Sherlock’s faults, either to make him seem a little more human, to make his audience like him a little less, or just to entertain Sir Arthur at Sherlock’s expense. Also, cheers for some racial diversity and lack of racism.

Sherlock Rating: This was a kind of a unique case, since Sherlock didn’t get to show off. It also wasn’t any sort of crime. It was interesting, but I rate it unimpressive with a slice of Sherlock teasing.

Mystery Story Convention: Spooky house with spooky face in window. I can’t help thinking of Scooby Doo with this one.

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