Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”

Summary: After Sherlock accuses Watson of embellishing his tales, they are asked by a young woman to give their opinion about a governess position she’s in line for. It was big money but strange requests, like cutting off her hair. Sherlock tells her to go ahead if she wants but to let him know if he can help, which she does. Turns out she was supposed to be acting like the lord of the estate’s daughter so a suitor will think she’s no longer interested while the real daughter is locked up in her room. Sherlock and Watson come in to help; meanwhile a servant helps the daughter escape and the lord is mangled by a mastiff but survives.

Sherlock Rating: Now this is more like it. This was an excellent story. Full of suspense and some drama, and clues that could keep an average mystery solver like me guessing but giving enough that I know it was possible to make the guess. (I did know right away that she was obviously posing as somebody, but my imagination got away from me from there as to why–like they had to prove that this girl was alive and happy for some outside judge)

Mystery Story Convention: Mysterious locked rooms in a mysterious house. This could have been a gothic story too. Plus there was the idea I noticed earlier that big money for strange work spells trouble.


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