Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor”

Summary: A nobleman whose new American wife disappeared right after the wedding has come to Sherlock for help finding her. He locates her no problem. Turns out she was secretly married to a prospector who was presumed dead, but then the guy turned up at her wedding, and rather than making a scene there, she snuck out later. The nobleman was mortified, but no one else cared.

Reaction: Lestrange was back, and as doubtful of Sherlock as ever. Other than that it was pretty basic.

Sherlock Rating: No crime…again. Sherlock gets involved in a lot of puzzles that have no crime involved. They can be interesting, but aren’t that exciting, no matter how much drama Watson tries to create with mysterious strangers and dresses in rivers.

Mystery Story Convention: Follies of outside media. The media never get it right in mystery stories, and though in this one we just read the stories as backstory for the case it was still interesting and opinionated.


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