Redlegs Run Report / Workout Playlist: 6/3-6/9

The Redlegs run was on Saturday (yesterday) and it went really well. I think this has been one of the best-run races I’ve done. The Reds organization put together some really good events. The only problem was that this year the 10k (me!) and 5k both started at the same time, so just about everyone had finished way before slow-pokes like me (at least they still had tons of cookies left of all varieties). But I beat last year’s record and finished with a pavement-burning 1:20 (that’s hours : minutes). And it may not be good for most people, but it was pretty good for me.

Now that that’s over though, the challenge will be to stay motivated with my running, especially now that it’s getting hotter out. I like that I have a plan where I don’t run every day because of kettle bell and my workout playlist. So I’m going to keep to the plan I’ve been following, and as for running, I won’t be trying to build stamina so much as gain a bit of speed, so I think I’ll run the course I’ve made up for myself (and I don’t even know the mileage for this course–prob between 4 and 5 miles) and see if I can start whittling down the time and consciously make myself run faster for spurts.

And hopefully soon there will be a sale will my cell phone service provider so I can get and Android and get that Zombie Run! app that I’ve been dying to get.

Oh, and last week I actually did really good with my goals. I ran Monday morning with my roommate instead of doing the playlist, (I’d run Sunday as well with her). Tuesday I got up early and ran for about 35 minutes around the parking lot, Wednesday I ran after work for an hour, and Thursday I got up early and did the arms/abs playlist (and I’m talking 4:30 a.m. early for this one).

Logistic-wise I don’t like working out in the morning, even though I don’t have a problem getting up and getting moving. I just like running and working out after work because it lets me blow off the stress of the day so it doesn’t build up and give me a miserable night. Because, let me tell you, Tuesday and Thursday were not pretty nights. It didn’t help that I’d had social events in the evening both nights that I had to be “on” for and other evening issues popped up to stress me out further. But the week ended wonderfully with the Redlegs run, and then today’s boxing workout was really fun.

So this week’s playlist will be the same as it’s been because I like the combinations, and I have boxing again. Friday I may or may not run after work. I’m done early, but I’m planning on staying after to set up my room for the summer, so depending on how that goes will depend on whether I run afterwards…or I could run during lunch…we’ll see.


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