Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” (2)

Summary: Sherlock and Watson look around the house. As usual, Watson sees nothing, but Sherlock figures it out, tells Watson they must stay in the room overnight and that it could be very dangerous, but he doesn’t tell him what to expect. Then, a little after midnight, a snake slithers in. Sherlock drives it back the way it came, and it kills Dr. Grimesby (the bad guy).

Reaction: Very exciting! I love how Sherlock quizzes Watson on what he observes from whatever it is they are studying. Watson always says he doesn’t see anything, and Sherlock tells him he sees everything but doesn’t deduce anything. I love that language. We all literally see the same things, but what we bring from the experience is different for each person. I also like how, when Watson does try to deduce something, Sherlock is always, “Yes, that’s right. But you don’t deduce anything that is actually important.” He’s so nice to Watson, though. He comes off so much harsher in any adaptations I’ve ever seen, except maybe The Great Mouse Detective.

Sherlock Rating: Excellent! A real crime, a real adventure, and real punishment for the villain. Though I’m wondering about how these bad guys either get away or die rather than get locked up most of the time. The police are pretty all-around useless.

Mystery Story Convention: Another stakeout, this one much more dangerous. It’s kind of funny that Sherlock never tells the people with him what they are actually watching for.


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