Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”

Summary: Sherlock is asked to discover the identity of the man who had lost his hat and goose in a scuffle. At first it was just general curiosity, but when the goose is discovered to have a rare stolen diamond stuffed down its throat a real mystery needs solving. He finally tracks down the culprit after following the trail of the goose seller. The man had never committed a crime before and was very scared and repentant, so Sherlock lets him run away.

Reaction: Sherlock really isn’t into seeing justice served–except for his own sense of justice. And Watson really likes titles with color words in them. Classic quote of this story: “The game is up!”

Sherlock Rating: Average. I’ve stopped expecting fancy arrests and all that, but this had a crime and the crime was solved. It wasn’t the most exciting, but it wasn’t boring either.

Mystery Story Convention: Stolen item hidden in a strange place, not easily retrievable. This is pretty common. I think there was an episode of Monk I saw where a diamond ring was hidden in the bride’s bouquet.


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