Sherlock Holmes: The Five Orange Pips

Summary: A man comes to Sherlock worried for his life after getting a letter with 5 orange pips in it from the KKK. He was right to worry, because he dies on his way home. Sherlock investigates and figures out that the KKK is the Ku Klux Klan and he plans to make them pay, but their ship sinks on its way back to the US.

Reaction: As I started to write this I had the thought that I never actually finished it. But I did. I wondered if KKK was the actual KKK, and it was. Some reality in my fiction. Makes me wonder how much Sir Arthur took from newspaper headlines.

Sherlock Ranking: The web we wove wasn’t very big…(that’s the Sherlock quote of the story by the way: “We have a web to weave”) Sure there was a murder, but Sherlock did his investigating off camera/page while Watson sat around, and he never even confronted the bad guys.

Mystery Story Convention: A mysterious and threatening letter. Too bad besides having to do with the KKK we never really learned what it was about.


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