Sherlock Holmes: The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Summary: Watson accompanies Sherlock to Boscombe to investigate a murder. It looks like the murdered man’s son did it after an argument, but Sherlock believes him innocent. After investigating the scene he figures out the culprit–that it was actually the dying landlord of the murdered man. The murdered man had been blackmailing him and was trying to make his son marry his daughter. Sherlock agreed to let the murderer die of natural causes instead of going to prison as long as the son was acquitted, which he was.

Reaction: Lestrade was back in this one, and from the BBC miniseries I just finished watching, it seems that Lestrade is one of Sherlock’s only 3 people he cares about? He doesn’t care about him much here and even mutters the great quote, “You do find it very hard to tackle the facts” after Lestrade had criticized him for using intuition and theories when facts were hard enough to find. Perhaps Lestrade ends up being entertaining enough that Sherlock grows fond of him.

This was (technically) unsolved mystery #2 for him, by the way, since, though the son was found innocent, no real culprit was ever officially revealed. Sherlock has no need to make the truth known to anyone but himself.

Sherlock Ranking: Cooee! (I think that was the call that was one of the keys to solving the mystery) We had a real murder and a fairly interesting story that took us to an exotic locale (Australia) but the story didn’t last so long it got boring. Not bad at all.

Mystery Story Convention: The magnifying glass. I believe Sherlock himself made this took famous, and he whipped it out for this one.

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