Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity

Summary: A young woman comes to Sherlock asking for help finding her betrothed, who disappeared right before walking down the aisle with her, right after first making her swear on the Bible that she’ll always stay true to him no matter what happens. It turns out the man was actually her step-father in disguise, who was trying to keep her from actually marrying so he can continue spending her money. It wasn’t a true crime, though Sherlock threatened to give the man the whipping he deserved. Plus Sherlock decides not to tell the woman who her real beau had been.

Reaction: So was this technically an unsolved mystery? I want to know what Sherlock came back and told the girl. That the man had simply disappeared? So is she going to keep waiting for him because Sherlock couldn’t find him? I feel that if this woman goes out talking about the job Sherlock had done she won’t have the glowing recommendations that get him jobs helping foreign royalty. I don’t think Sherlock cares, though, because he just wants to satisfy himself that he’s figured out the puzzle. Fame is kind of a side-effect.

Sherlock Ranking: Quirky but disappointing. I like that the answer wasn’t so complicated it took twenty pages to explain, and I thought the whole scenario was pretty funny. But there wasn’t a real crime, so that was disappointing.

Mystery Story Convention: Distressed woman comes to PI with a sob story, asking for help when no one else was willing. I kept expecting Sherlock to interrupt her and tell her to get on with it or snap “boring”–even Watson expected it, but Sherlock seemed to find her story and the scenario funny and entertaining as well.


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