Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia (3)

A Scandal in Bohemia (3) Summary: It turns out that Ms. Adler is pretty good with disguises too, and she’d followed Sherlock home, realized he knew of her hiding place and then promptly fled. She left him a letter praising him and claiming she wouldn’t release the photos but was going to keep them for insurance. Sherlock is duly awed.

Reaction: I liked Ms. Adler too, but I wish the story had been a little more complex. I hope Ms. Adler will make a reappearance and isn’t simply “happily married” like she claims.

Why This Book Is a Classic: It creates characters that stick in the mind. From Sherlock to Ms. Adler, we are given interesting and unique characters to capture our imagination. Even Watson’s character stands out.

Detective Story Convention: Turning the tables on the detective. He thinks he has it all figured out, but it turns out that the suspect knows a little more. The stories don’t usually end here like this one did, but I have a feeling Ms. Adler isn’t gone for good. At least I hope so!


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