Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia (2)

Section 2 Summary: Sherlock goes into disguise and watches Ms. Adler’s place. In the process he becomes the witness to her sudden marriage. Then he involves Watson in a plot to figure out where Ms. Adler has hidden her proof by making a fake fire. Having discovered what he sought to discover he is content to return for the papers in the morning.

Reaction: Loved all the disguises of course. And Watson rocked! Sherlock asked him to help and mentioned that they’ll be breaking laws and he was all, “Hell yes I’ll still help!” Married Watson is actually a little cooler than bachelor Watson.

Why This Book Is a Classic: I love how they all assume that Ms. Adler’s spur of the moment marriage is something legitimate. Even Sherlock made comments like how her routine might change with her marriage and how she probably doesn’t want the photos revealed now either because of her own marriage. Yet to my modern self I automatically assume that this sudden marriage has nothing to do with love and is some additional plot. Whether or not her husband is being used or is in on it is the real question.

Detective Story Convention: Disguises, of course. Also how the detective uses tricks to find the answer to a puzzle.


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