Workout Playlist 5/13-5/19

I did a lot of running last week! Yay! All of it outside. And the best part is I enjoyed it 🙂 My runs were all over 30 minutes, too. And on Friday I ran for just about 50 minutes. My playlist went great too. I really like the order of exercises, and for this week I’m keeping the same exercises, but I changed up the songs a little. I had to keep several Rise Against songs in there, of course, but I have several new songs I’ve been wanting to use, especially number 3! I have no idea why I like that song, but I can’t get enough of it!

Here’s the playlist:

  1. Jog on Treadmill/warm-up–“Survive” Rise Against
  2. Lunges–“Greed” Patrick Stump
  3. Plank–“Race You to the Bottom” New Medicine
  4. Box/Push-ups–“Medicate” AFI
  5. Sprint on treadmill–“Re-Education (Through Labor)” Rise Against
  6. Bi/Tricep curls–“You’re Going Down” Sick Puppies
  7. Situps–“One Foot” fun.
  8. Jumping Jacks–“Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” Lucky Boys Confusion
  9. Plank–“State of the Union” Rise Against
  10. Cool Down–“Swing Life Away” Rise Against

Oh and my awesome kettle bell instructor was impressed with my core work last week! I could go up on my toes on the ball and hold it while she counted to 8 and back down, so my work seems to be paying off!

That’s it! Here’s to a great week!


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