War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 106-112

Two years have passed. Andrew visits the Rostovs on business and is fascinated by Natasha’s carefree youthfulness (as is everyone, it seems). He has been the first person to free his serfs (for real, Pierre) and in doing so has become the talk of the town. Then he decides he should live life again and goes to Moscow with the aim of reforming the army.

Though Emperor Nicholas doesn’t like him because he didn’t reenlist in the army, and though no one likes his reforms, he is invited to serve on a military committee and begins to make influential friends, like this Speranski guy.

Though I’m glad Andrew has made a turn from his depression and is back in action, I didn’t enjoy this section as much as some because it was getting so political. I don’t like listening to people go on about my country’s modern politics that actually affect me, so having to listen to talk about another country’s barely 19th century politics was not my cup of tea. Actually, one day while I was reading this in the nap room I found myself nodding off and had to put it away to fill out oh-so-thrilling conference forms.

I think we’re done with this for now. I saw Pierre’s name in the beginning of the next chapter, so at least I’ll be amused at his expense next week.


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