The Sign of Four: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: “The End of the Islander”

Summary: Sherlock, Watson, and the police officer gave chase to the two murderers/thieves. The bad guys’ boat was fast, but not fast enough, and Watson shot and killed the cannibal, and the peg legged man jumped off his boat and got stuck in the mud and was captured.

Reaction: I thought it was nice of Sherlock to let the policeman get his glory for the capture. He really wants to just have the satisfaction of solving the case and doesn’t need the glory that goes with it. As long as he has Watson around to stroke his ego.

Why This Book Is a Classic: High speed steamboat chases with the people furiously shoveling coal or whatever to make their boats go faster. I found that an amusing image.

Detective Story Convention: Chasing the bad guy. Every detective comes to the point where they have to chase down the suspect. The suspect who runs is always guilty of something.


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