The Sign of Four: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: “Sherlock Holmes Gives a Demonstration”

Summary: Sherlock investigates the scene of the crime. He deduces that the killer had come in through the window and had been the peg-legged man. He had to be let in by someone else, though, and he finds a trapdoor on the roof. then the police come and decide that Thaddeus must be guilty.

Reaction: I love when Sherlock shows off!

Prediction: Sherlock will solve the case and amaze Watson–and this is the last I’m doing of this category for this one until I feel I have something worthwhile to write here.

Why This Book Is a Classic:Classic language tags: “ejaculated.” Need I say more?

Detective Story Convention: These stories seem to follow a kind of predictable pattern that has been drilled into me from all the other detective books and shows I’ve seen, so I thought it would be fun to point them out. This time: the fat cops who don’t have a clue–the smart PI is always way ahead of the cops. My favorite modern example: Psych


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