War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 99-105

This week Rostov has actually seemed to grow up a bit! I was so impressed with him. He was the responsible soldier when the others goofed off, and when Denisov got himself in trouble for stealing food for his unit, Rostov stepped up to try to get him pardoned. He even got to meet his idol, the Emperor!

In political news, the war with Napoleon seems to be over and the two are making deals with each other. I feel like Napoleon really won because the Russians were so poorly off, but he probably made a peace deal because Russia is just so huge. But I bet Napoleon is going to get the best deal in this peace.

I don’t have a good feeling about poor Denisov. He’ll probably either go to prison/be executed for stealing or die in that awful hospital he’s in. I liked him, but since being dumped by Natasha he’s seemed like more of a tragic character. I’ll miss his speech impediment.

This reading has been going really quick lately. I love that these chapters are short. It makes a book that’s this freaking long seem conquerable.

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