Sherlock Holmes: “The Signs of Four” Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “The Science of Deduction”

Summary: Holmes is shooting up with cocaine because he’s bored. Watson is concerned, but Sherlock says he knows it’s bad for him but his mind needs stimulation. Then a girl stops by.

Reaction: I’m going to a little Sherlock–I guess as a break from stuff that’s long and deep. Also, season 2 of Sherlock Holmes on PBS will start this Sunday and I can’t wait. And I knew that Sherlock was supposed to be a drug user, but I didn’t realize how blatant it was. yuck.

Prediction:I can’t really predict anything yet. Sherlock will probably die an early death from those drugs though.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Classic drug use?…Though the way Sherlock shoots up seems modern to me. It was pretty graphic. But he does it to supposedly help his brain? And not as a drugged out shell? I guess?


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