Workout Playlist: 4/29-5/5

This is Rise Against week! It came up fast, probably because I spent so much of the last month sick. But my energy is back just in time to kill it to some RA and then rock out at the concert on Saturday with my friend Sara!

I need to start getting in more running to get trained for the Redlegs Run 10k in June, so I’m putting some treadmill work in here.

So here’s the list–again, all Rise Against:

  1. Jog/Warm-up on treadmill–“Survive”
  2. Lunges/Squats–“Blood to Bleed”
  3. Planks–“Collapse (Post-Amerika)”
  4. Box/Push-up–“A Gentleman’s Coup”
  5. Sprint on treadmill–“Re-education (Through Labor)”
  6. Bi/Tri Curls–“Tip the Scales”
  7. Crunches/Side (oblique) crunches–“Ready to Fall”
  8. Jumping Jacks–“Worth Dying For”
  9. Planks–“State of the Union”
  10. Cool Down–“Swing Life Away”

That’s it! Here’s to a great week!

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