Bleak House: Chapters 59-60

Chapters 59-60: “Esther’s Narrative”; “Perspective”

Summary: Esther and Mr. Bucket search London some more for Lady Dedlock and they meet up with Mr. Woodcourt and bring him along as well. At Snagsby’s they finally get a lead and find Lady Dedlock at the debtor’s cemetery where her lover had been buried, but they are too late. Later, Esther is spending a lot of time in London visiting Richard and Ada. Neither are looking too well. Ada hopes that if she has a baby that will solve their problems.

Reaction: Sad. I was hoping Lady D. wouldn’t die, but she does. And I cheered when Mr. Bucket set Mrs. Snagsby straight. He is such a great character.

Prediction: Ada is not the smartest. A baby is not going to fix anything, and it might kill her. I see things winding down now, and mostly happy endings knitting together, though, so I don’t think Ada will die. We still have a few loose ends to tie up, but none as exciting as those that have already been settled.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Classic tragedy. This tragic end to Lady Dedlock has a strong classic flavor. Sad, but rich and deep.

Our Lesson: Don’t have a baby to try to fix your marriage. It will just make another person’s life miserable.


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